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probate cash advance advantages

The Advantages of a Probate Cash Advance

Oct 3, 2016

You have just learned that you are an heir to a probate estate.  Of course you are saddened by the loss of a loved one, but adding to your woes, you learn that it will probably take 12-18 months for you to have access to your share of your inheritance.  Frankly, it may even take much longer.  The Court supervised process managing probate is cumbersome and lengthy. If there is more than one heir, thereRead more

probate attorney

Do You Need a Probate Attorney?

Aug 16, 2016

In the State of California, the executor of an estate has the right to hire a probate attorney to assist in the management of process, or to keep matters in their own hands. If the executor wishes to control the process by themselves, the estate is called “in pro per”. That signifies that there is not an attorney supervising the process. In either case, the process will still be overseen by the Courts. Often this decision is bestRead more

estate tax

What is an Estate, and What is Estate Tax?

Jun 2, 2016

What is an Estate? We spend the majority of our lives working, raising our families, and putting aside some money towards our retirement.  Hopefully during this time, we have accumulated some savings, perhaps an investment, and a home that has appreciated in value.  This is called is called our Estate.  This is the cash and property that we wish to leave our heirs as inheritance when we pass.  The value of our Estate is determinedRead more

estate planning

Why Estate Planning is Beneficial

Apr 19, 2016

Almost no one knows the date of their impending passing.  Most of us do have an idea or general plan on how we would like to see the assets of our estate distributed upon our death.  Unfortunately, we do not always get around to making our wishes properly documented.  Often that can be a very costly mistake to those whom you wish to leave your accumulated assets.  Besides the obvious assets of cash, stocks andRead more

cash advance

I Want My Money Now!

Mar 14, 2016

Someone close to you has passed, and you are an heir in their estate. If the estate is going to be probated in the State of California, the process will generally take between 12-24 months to come to conclusion, with funds distributed to the heirs. You need or want a portion of your inheritance now. Personal expenses or those related to the estate must be paid, and that is a very long time to wait for distribution. YouRead more

heir cash advance scam

How to Avoid an Heir Cash Advance Scam

Feb 24, 2016

It seems whenever the economy takes a turn for the worse, we experience a rise in scams that prey on those that our most needy citizens.  Many of these scams seem to come from Nigeria, through the U.K.  Individuals here in the U.S. are contacted by phone or mail, claiming that they are going to be recipients of a substantial inheritance.  This inheritance is coming from a long lost or unknown relative. Generally the callerRead more

inheritance loan

Is an Inheritance Cash Advance a Loan?

Jan 19, 2016

The simple answer is that an inheritance cash advance provided by Advance Inheritance is not a loan.  A loan generally includes a specific pay off date.  When Advance Inheritance provides funds, there is no specific pay off date, we are repaid when the probate estate is completely settled and the court has approved the distribution of funds.  This period may be as little as a year from the opening of probate administration, to as muchRead more

heir cash advances

Surprising Facts Related to Heir Cash Advances

Dec 15, 2015

Non-Recourse Transaction The heir cash advance is not a loan.  With a cash advance, an heir assigns a limited portion of his/hers inheritance.  Unlike an heir loan, an assignment is a non-recourse transaction.  This means that the heir will not be personally responsible to repay any portion of cash advance (other than in the case of fraud); we get repaid directly by the Administrator, who deducts the assigned amount from the share of the heir. Read more

executor and trustee

Executor and Trustee Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 6, 2015

Q: – How is the executor or trustee of an estate chosen? A: – To begin, if there is a will or trust available, that person will be named.  In the case of a will, they will be called the executor, while in the case of a trust, they will be called the trustee.  If the decedent passes without a will or trust, the estate will be called intestate.  In this case, the court willRead more

heir cash advance eligibility

Who Is Eligible For An Heir Cash Advance

Oct 5, 2015

Most heirs to a Probate Estate can receive a cash advance on their inheritance.  This is the case regardless of the existence of a Will or not.  An advance has no bearing on any of the other heirs, nor does it affect the manner in which the Estate is administered.  The amount available is based on the net value of the inheritance (after all estate claims and expenses are paid). If the estate is governedRead more