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Someone close to you has passed, and you are an heir in their estate. If the estate is going to be probated in the State of California, the process will generally take between 12-24 months to come to conclusion, with funds distributed to the heirs.

You need or want a portion of your inheritance now. Personal expenses or those related to the estate must be paid, and that is a very long time to wait for distribution. You may be out of work or have pressing medical expenses. Estate property may need repairs in order to be offered for sale. You are unable to go through the normal channels of Banks and Lenders, as they will require a lengthy application process including rigorous credit checking. You will also be personally liable for the repayment of any cash advance you take. Normally there would be a schedule of monthly payments beginning almost immediately. Considering the difficult current lending environment, your options can be very limited. You need an inheritance advance.

Fortunately, Advance Inheritance has the answer to your problems. We can advance cash to heirs in probate estates within a few days. There will be no credit checking. You do not have to be employed. There will be no scheduled payments. You will not be personally liable if the Estate fails to pay us off.

If you are an heir in a probate estate, contact Advance Inheritance and we will do our best to GET YOU MONEY NOW!