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Who Is Eligible For An Heir Cash Advance

heir cash advance eligibility

Most heirs to a Probate Estate can receive a cash advance on their inheritance.  This is the case regardless of the existence of a Will or not.  An advance has no bearing on any of the other heirs, nor does it affect the manner in which the Estate is administered.  The amount available is based on the net value of the inheritance (after all estate claims and expenses are paid).

If the estate is governed by a Trust, there may be a restriction called a “spendthrift clause”.  This would restrict a Trust beneficiary from receiving an advance without the authorization of the Trustee.  This is an area with which we have substantial experience.

Our ability to advance cash to you is not related to your credit standing, nor your ability to repay the advance.  There is no repayment schedule, as the advance is repaid at distribution when the estate finally settles, which generally takes one to two years, or longer.

An important thing to keep in mind, is that the advance is non-recourse.  If there are insufficient funds to repay our assignment, you have no liability.  Other than in matters of fraud, we will have to accept the loss.

Finally, you are not limited to a single cash advance.  As long as your share of the inheritance is within the guidelines of our ability to be repaid, we are willing and able to make additional advances.  Many of our clients find a need for additional funds prior to the final distribution.