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How to Avoid an Heir Cash Advance Scam

heir cash advance scam

It seems whenever the economy takes a turn for the worse, we experience a rise in scams that prey on those that our most needy citizens.  Many of these scams seem to come from Nigeria, through the U.K.  Individuals here in the U.S. are contacted by phone or mail, claiming that they are going to be recipients of a substantial inheritance.  This inheritance is coming from a long lost or unknown relative. Generally the caller claims that all that is needed to receive the inheritance is that the “heir” clear up some open foreign taxes or filing fees.

The con men have numerous conversations with the “heir” to build their confidence, and finally at the stage that the “Heir” is on the hook with anticipation, the con artist raises the issue of the small amount that is required to clear away some small issues prior to the inheritance being released.  Generally the amount of the inheritance is said to be in the millions of dollars, and the amount necessary to assure the release the inheritance is a few thousand dollars.  It seems too good to be true, and it is.

This scam rarely originates from the U.S., but the con men are getting bolder as the worldwide economy worsens and people become more desperate.   Remember, it is very unusual for you to be an heir to a large amount of money from a relative you do not know.

Here are some tips on how to avoid an Heir Cash Advance Scam:

  • A normal legitimate inheritance going through probate will be preceded by written notification prepared by the Estate Administrator and filed with the Court.
  • Notice of the Estate will have been published advising heirs and creditors of the passing of the Decedent.
  • The heirs in an Estate are never required to pay fees up front.
  • Fees and costs related to the Estate are managed and paid from the Estate assets by the Administrator.

Often Advance Inheritance, LLC will be called upon to advance cash to the estate or its heirs when the assets of the estate are not accessible.  Remember, never advance funds to someone you do not know, no matter how good the situation sounds.  And we never ask you to advance your own funds to use before we provide you with a cash advance.