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The Advantages of a Probate Cash Advance

probate cash advance advantages

You have just learned that you are an heir to a probate estate.  Of course you are saddened by the loss of a loved one, but adding to your woes, you learn that it will probably take 12-18 months for you to have access to your share of your inheritance.  Frankly, it may even take much longer.  The Court supervised process managing probate is cumbersome and lengthy.

If there is more than one heir, there is often mistrust or disagreement, which can sometimes lead to dispute(s) over management of the Estate assets. This can delay final settlement and distribution of your inheritance.  The Courts are terribly backed up and delayed, and Judges are not afraid to continue matters to alleviate the temporary congestion.

  • So what if there is a delay; you can just wait for final distribution right?
  • What if funds are needed to settle claims and disputes?
  • What if the Estate value is tied up in a home that needs to be repaired and improved in order to realize its maximum value?
  • What if you are faced with bills or illness that needs immediate attention?
  • What if you need cash to buy out another heir?
  • What if you need or want cash for your own personal reasons?

These are just a few reasons to seek a cash advance from Advance Inheritance.  We can usually put cash in your hands in one week (sometimes less).  If you need to access some of your inheritance immediately, call Advance Inheritance now.