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Who Needs An Heir Cash Advance?

heir cash advance

We speak to thousands of people who need an heir cash advance.  Our clients have varied reasons to need these funds.  Most are looking for a cash advance in anticipation of receiving the inheritance money to be distributed to them at some indefinite time in the future. 

Some of the cash advance purposes are:

  1. An estate property is facing foreclosure and the cash advance can save the property by giving the Estate time needed to refinance or sell the property.
  2. The heir may have critical bills or expenses that cannot wait for distribution. 
  3. A number of our customers have used this cash to pay for much needed medical expenses.
  4. An heir may need funds to buy out other heirs to gain ownership of a property.
  5. A majority of heir advances are for small amounts of cash (i.e. $5,000 minimum), which can be used for any personal reason(s).   As an example, an heir may be expecting $100,000, but only want a $5,000 to $10,000 advance now.
  6. College is very expensive, and an heir may need help keeping up with tuition payments.
  7. Finally, an heir may have built up credit card balances, that could result in very expensive interest payments and negative impact on his or her personal credit.

Heir cash advances are not for everyone but are invaluable for many heirs.

At Advance Inheritance, LLC, we do our best to explain the probate process and our cash advance options for your particular needs.