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What Estate Problems Can We Solve?

Advance Inheritance provides cash advances to heirs of probate and trust estates.

WHAT FISCAL PROBLEMS CAN WE SOLVE? Often times, the main Estate is a home. In many cases, the Estate home will be sold. The resulting cash sale proceeds will eventually be distributed amongst the heirs. Before a sale occurs, the Estate administrator must decide whether to renovate or sell the Estate home in “as is” condition. If cash is needed for Estate repairs or improvements (or other Estate expenses), we help quickly and efficiently.


Health Care: Many of our clients use their inheritance cash advances for health care for themselves and their families. In other words, neglected health care has now been secured by use of a cash advance.

Cash Out Heirs: Sometimes an heir wishes to buy the Estate home, and needs some cash to buy out the other heirs. Often this heir has been living in the home and wants to continue staying there and preserving his property tax basis.

The probate process currently takes about 18 months or longer in CA. The heirs generally know the amount of their pending inheritance, but rarely have any access to their inheritance money. Our cash advances help heirs expedite receipt of an inheritance, without having to wait for the probate process to wind out.

There are many other ways in which our inheritance cash advances help our clients, but these examples of how Advance Inheritance can ease the burdens of heirs.