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Time is Money: Advance on your Inheritance

advance on your inheritance

Often the heirs of an estate do not have the time to wait for the entire Court directed process to be completed.

The estate may need funds to update real property for sale. The property may sell for a much higher price after remodeling, than it might in its current state. Updated property may also sell much more quickly than property left to heirs by an elderly deceased individual.

Property held by an estate may be close to foreclosure. We have been approached many times by heirs that are about to lose their property. The heirs may have thought they were going to be able to secure financing to protect a property, and too often the financing fails to come through. Now time has run out and the heirs need immediate help. Banks and traditional lenders will not consider making a loan to an estate in probate. Advance Inheritance can step in quickly with cash, and give the heirs the additional time they need to arrange for more traditional financing.

An estate may need funds to pay for legal fees. There are often costly legal challenges to an estate. Unfortunately heirs and those believing to be heirs, hire attorneys to represent their position. This delays the settlement of the estate and may often be very costly.

An heir may need funds to pay for immediate medical care. We have been approached on many occasions by an heir who finds themselves or a loved one in need of medical attention. This care may not be able to be ignored for 12-24 months until the probate estate is settled and the funds distributed.

And finally, an heir may just want to use some portion of the funds that will eventually be coming to them to improve their life now. A vacation, a new car, or helping with school expenses are just a few reasons to access some portion of your inheritance now.

For these and many other reasons, a cash advance from a company like Advance Inheritance may make sense.