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The Sale Of Estate Property

estate sale

The State of CA continues to lead the nation in rising resale property values. This has been the result of two issues.  The first is a result of the dwindling backlog of available inventory. As the supply drops, the pricing tends to rise. The second is that the cost of new construction spirals ever higher. This is due to higher construction costs due to CA regulations and building codes, and the small amount of available land on which to build.

The good news is that your estate will probably see higher returns. 

The bad news is that rising prices and borrowing costs, make it more difficult for potential buyers to qualify, which slows down the ultimate distribution of Estate funds (which is why many heirs find themselves in need of fast cash).

You may have been expecting an Estate sale and distribution inside of 6 months, but now find it taking closer to a year  It is in cases like this that Advance Inheritance can make a cash advance to relieve the financial pressure you face. 

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