The Professionals at Advance Inheritance went above and beyond to meet my needs during a very difficult time. The were patient, courteous and above all, completely committed to helping me with my request. I have never dealt with such efficient and expedient Civilians, but now I have. Thank you for a job well done.

— Sergeant Major Daniel Diaz

Fantastic group

This company and the representative Rhod i worked with was pleasant; efficient and detailed oriented. This. Enabled me to progress and move forward never needing to look back at what could have been with these funds made available. So recommendations are high on my chart for advance inheritance.

Hats off to a fantastic group of people at Advance Inheritance .

— Tony Douve

They were great

They were great. I helped my mom with the process of advance inheritance and it was really easy. The employees were very friendly and super helpful. I would recommend them to everybody I know and even those I don’t know who have unfortunately lost their spouse, or parents.

— Daniel Barbosa

Very understanding

Very understanding, patient and prompt. Rhod and Debbie were great.
Thank you for helping me. I was in a tough spot…

— Scott Hansen

If you need a probate loan

If you need a probate loan, I recommend Advance Inheritance 100%. I contacted 5 companies that do these kinds of loans and I chose to work with James and Rhod.

I did research and even spoke with the President of my Father’s bank. They couldn’t offer anything better than what Advance Inheritance was offering. So I chose to support a “local” business, instead of a large corporation or bank.

The entire transaction was very quick and painless. I was told a week turn around and I’m sitting here a week later with a check in my hand.

— Gina Ward

Highly recommend

Highly recommend Advance Inheritance if you need a probate loan, they helped me get the funds I needed quickly. Rhod assisted me through the process, answered all my questions and concerns and made me feel at ease.

— GG Trimble