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Preliminary Estate Distribution

estate distribution

The average probate estate in California takes about 18 months from initial filing to approval and distribution to heirs. That means long after real property and other assets are converted to cash, there may still be a lengthy delay to distribution.

The courts are slow to act, allowing many delays to complete review and final approval. Heirs often stretch out the process arguing over some major or many minor issues. A loved one is lost, and the decedents wishes are often not clear.

Often the administrator or some of the heirs have very legitimate needs for some of the estate cash to be distributed. This is often possible with the Court allowing for a partial distribution. This would provide property updates, cash to assist the removal of a “tenant” from the property, or just non- related issues that cannot wait until the estate is finally closed. This is the special type of help that Advance Inheritance can provide to heirs and administrators.

Always remember to consult an attorney to protect your rights and those of the estate.