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How Much Does An Advance Cost?

advance cost

A probate cash advance should only be used when there is a need, and after you have shopped for the best deal available to you.  

Why does a cash advance cost more than a regular mortgage or banking rate?  Simply, the risk of not getting repaid is considerably greater and much more uncertain than a normal transaction. Additionally, the expected repayment date is not fixed (i.e. it may be months or years down the road), which are the reasons why a bank or traditional mortgage lender will not make a cash advance to a probate heir.

A probate cash advance from Advance Inheritance is a non-recourse transaction. If there are insufficient funds available when the estate distribution is made, we are unable to require you to make up the shortfall. We are just out of luck and will suffer the loss. The only exception would be in the case of fraud, which is very rare. As an example, a competing Will may appear and totally wipe out your inheritance (including our assignment). In that case, we may lose our entire investment.

A standard loan will have a specified repayment term, monthly payments, personal recourse, and is typically based upon credit and income. A probate cash advance is different and does not have this criteria.  

Like any other large purchase, you should shop for the best price. After 15 years and thousands of cash advances, we are confident that our prices will meet or beat any of our competitors. For the best service in the industry, contact Advance Inheritance for your heir cash advance.