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How Does A Probate Cash Advance Affect Other Heirs

In almost all cases, a Will or Trust will detail the distribution of estate assets to each beneficiary.

This detail may include what portion or percent of the estate will go to each beneficiary, or if any specific assets are to be passed on to an individual beneficiary.

When an Estate beneficiary comes to our company, Advance Inheritance LLC, we try to determine the estimated share that a beneficiary or heir may receive; and we base our ability to make a cash advance upon that estimated inheritance amount.  We will be repaid only from the share of the estate from that specific beneficiary.  Our assignment does not affect the inheritances of any other beneficiary or heir.

There are occasions when an heir’s share will be insufficient to justify the amount of the requested cash advance, and in such a situation, we may be able to accommodate a larger than normal cash advance if a second heir or beneficiary allow use of their own inheritance as potential additional “collateral” for such a large cash advance.

At Advance Inheritance LLC, we always recommend that a beneficiary or heir wishing to take a probate cash advance consult a probate attorney before taking any action.