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Does an Heir Cash Advance Affect Distribution?

When heirs consider a probate cash advance in Los Angeles, they often worry that their actions may slow up the final distribution of the estate assets.  They are also concerned that their advance may affect the other heirs in the estate.

Taking a cash advance as an heir, does not delay distribution or affect any other heirs. 

Generally, an heir will request a cash advance for a portion of the amount due them.  An heir expecting a $50,000 – $100,000 portion of an estate, will generally take a $10,000 or $20,000 cash advance.  At the closing of the estate, Advance Inheritance would be paid a portion of the heir’s share to satisfy the assignment, and balance flows to the heir.  The Estate Administrator cuts one check to us, and another to the heir; it is very simple

This action has absolutely no effect on any of the other heirs.  It does not change the amount due them, so they will receive their entire inheritance distributions at the close of the Estate.   

Once again, we are offering general advice.  We suggest you always consult an Attorney to advise and protect your rights as an heir.