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What are the benefits of a Probate Cash Advance?

probate cash advance

A California probate is a very detailed process, and usually takes significantly more time than the Heirs or the Executor expect. Usually, the largest portion of estate assets are sitting in the deceased’s home. Often real property in the estate must be upgraded prior to a sale. Of course, there is the time it may
take to make a sale and convert the home into cash. Finally, the court process quite regulated and slow. An average California probate takes about 18 months to completion and distribution of funds to the heirs.

In other situations, one or more of the Heirs might have an immediate need for cash and cannot wait for the completion of the probate. Money for medical bills, car repairs, or credit debt that may have built up and now is accumulating a high interest debt. Part of the inheritance can be used to take that long earned vacation you have been for which you have been waiting.

At Advance Inheritance, we recognize these needs and do our best to provide relief to the heirs.