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About Us

About Us

Advance Inheritance LLC offers cash advances to heirs and trust beneficiaries in the state of California. Our mission is to provide our clients with immediate cash advances without any hassle at the lowest prices guaranteed. We work directly with our clients, protecting their best interests throughout the entire funding process. Since 2005, we have funded thousands of cash advances, offering the best terms and service available. 

The Difference

Probate laws and processes are inherently complex and not commonly understood. We focus on changing that by simplifying how probate advances work, so that our clients are fully knowledgeable on their cases and their choices. We invest the time to help educate prospective clients, walking them through probate laws and regulations, and what may affect their funding. Callers are speaking with our expert staff who have direct decision-making capabilities, so there is no hassle or multiple departments to be transferred to. Although we cannot provide legal advice, we answer any general questions, and point out issues that may not be questioned. Anything beyond our knowledge, we advise callers to seek legal council so they are well informed before taking next steps.

Our competitors usually direct callers to “sales” people, whose job is to make a sale and move on. Many of our callers have already been in contact with other companies like our own, and report that they have been met with vague responses to their questions from impatient representatives. We too wish to close a deal, but we believe a good transaction includes our client fully understanding the process. For this reason, many of our clients return to us for an additional cash advance if the probate process continues longer than expected. The end goal is advancing cash fast and easy to qualified clients. If we believe that we are not the right people to meet the needs of a prospect, we will tell them, and often direct them elsewhere.

The Team

Our principal Officer, James Leestma, is a California Probate Attorney, who was instrumental in drafting the most recent CA State Bill regulating our industry today. His contributions to Probate and his many years of  legal and court experience ensures that our clients are given the highest level guidance and expertise. 

Our primary Underwriter, Staci Tenen, has almost 30 years of experience in funding loans and assignments related to Probates and Trusts. Her vast knowledge and exceptional business acumen help guide our clients move effortlessly through a potentially complicated process. 

Our Funding and Administrative Staff are fast and thorough, and they keep our clients well informed. They will work with you to explain the probate process, until you are comfortable to move ahead with a cash advance. If a cash advance is not right for you, or we are not the right provider, we will do our best to direct to someone that can better assist you.