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A Rock And A Hard Place

advance on your inheritance

If you know of someone who recently passed away, and who was the breadwinner for their family, the family may find themselves in an awkward position of protecting the remaining Estate assets, but not knowing much about the assets and/or how to protect them.

Bills may be piling up. A mortgage and property taxes must be kept current. Creditors may be adding unwarranted pressure. Although the estate has sufficient assets (i.e. equity in a home; an investment portfolio; bank accounts; etc.) to satisfying outstanding debts, the family may not be able to access them fast enough. Most often times, the Estate’s value is tied up in a home that must be sold. The family will likely need time and assistance from an experienced probate attorney.

At a time when a family is most vulnerable, and feels like there is nowhere to turn, there may be a simple solution. That answer could be a probate cash advance to help secure legal counsel, to start a probate proceeding, to save the Estate home from foreclosure, or multiple other purposes. While these funds are not cheap, they can be the difference between losing an Estate home at foreclosure or preserving the equity in the Estate home. Many of our cash advances prevent a looming foreclosure sale and/or are used to upgrade a home for the maximum sale price.

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